ceci n'est pas un update

If there's a God, she gave me many gifts.
But there's two things she neglected blessing me with, and those are

~ the skill of prioritizing, and
~ knowing when to STOP petting my work and consider it finished

These two precious gifts are difficult to get as they live on the Mountain of Expectations - a place with very harsh conditions as it's often hit by the Avalance of Stress and the Storms of Perfectionism.

And this is the Year of Balance, after all; but three months into the Year, Balance was nowhere to be found.

[you cannot see it in the photo,
but one of the tasks written on the whiteboard is 'buy food, plz ♥']

Error 404 Balance Not Found

And whilst I usually choose warm greece, this time I chose cold turkey, and completely stopped everything related to six thousand islands.

I just can't be with you like this anymore, Alejandro.

I took the next howeverlongIneeded to do a bunch of 2021 millenial self-care things like 🧘‍♀️🍵 yoga 📿🙏🏻 and 💅🏼✨ beauty routines 🛀🌺 and a host of other fascinating things such as watching british comedy panel shows whilst eating crisps on my couch.

Then I bought a professional microphone and the itch came back.

You know, the itch. The 'Hey, remember that thing we loved? You know we still love it, right? What if we started doing the thing again, but this time without all the stress and the expectations and the 'business plans' and comparing ourselves to other people we deem more 'successful' than us? Doesn't that sound nice?'

THAT (b)itch.

Long story short here I am again, making greek podcasts and youtube videos and writing articles about the greek grammar in a way that floats my own boat and can you tell I am having a blast?

Because I am having a blast. ☀️


  1. You're a wonderful writer :)

  2. Anonymous01 June

    Damn! I was almost certain that you'd been raiding the lost tomb of Ghengis Khan in the depths of Mongolia, hopefully with some stories for your next podcast about Nazi tomb hunters getting their faces melted off by the angry spirit of Genghis Khan (I don't know the Greek for 'melted' so this really would have been quite a useful thing to have happened)

    But watching British panel shows is also good :)


    *this probably sounded weird if you've never watched raiders of the lost ark. Never mind!


      Never watched any Indiana Jones movies I'm afraid, but that description makes it sound interesting, so I might give it a go! :D

  3. This has been the one resource I have found to be both engaging and comprehensible. Really glad I found this!! It's all so damn relatable! Glad you are back!

    1. thank you thank you thank you Cairn!
      lovely comments such like yours are so encouraging and wonderful to read, I am glad people are enjoying the project as much as I like making it.

      ευχαριστώ πολύ!

  4. I read this and my heart began to sink....and then I realized you didn't leave just as I had found you, but you had just come back. whew! everytime I find the perfect help (language transfer lessons for example) I find they are no more. anyway! you have a new fan and dedicated student here trying to learn the language that her Greek Mana (yes, Ponti) never taught her kids. so please don't leave us yet! Jodi

    1. OH, JODI.
      What a wonderfully heartwarming message this is.
      It means so much to me, σε ευχαριστώ!!!

      Making these resources is such a joy. In fact, today I decided to focus *even more* of my time and energy into making them, so your message came at the perfect time.

      I am wishing you all the warmest and loveliest,
      thank you again so much for taking the time to write and send me your kind words!

      - Daria

    2. Thanks so, so much for writing back to me. I recently recognized my first word in Greek, it was παππου! (I hope I wrote that correctly.) I can't tell you what a thrill that was, it just popped out at me! Keep talking SLOWly!!! σε ευχαριστώ back to you!!!

    3. Oh that's brilliant, well done!!
      Yep, παππού is 100% correct, i know exactly how it feels, it's a magical moment, isn't it?

      You should be very proud :D