''Greeks speak too fast'' was a statement I never truly understood.

Sure, I could try and empathise with the struggle but I couldn't really understand it, because, what do you mean they speak fast?
I, 🧿 a born ☀️ and raised 🇬🇷 greek person 🏺, think they speak just fine!

~ Then I decided to learn Mongolian. ~

Because Mongolian is no walk-in-the-park Romance language and it sounds vastly different than anything your eardrums have ever been blessed with, I needed to find videos of people speaking very very
~ s l o w l y ~ but to this day, I Khan't.

I had to spend hours and hours (re)watching regular-speed videos on 0.25x to make sure I got the words' pronunciation ri- oh...


So I made a slow greek podcast.

In each episode I speak about whatever topic peaks my interest,
at a speed that is ~ a tiny bit slower ~ than the speed of light so you can enjoy and get accustomed to the sounds and patterns of the greek speech.

📓 All episodes come with full transcripts,
and they all live here.

🎬 The episodes exist on Youtube too,
with greek captions / subtitles.

🎙️ You can find the podcast on
itunes / spotify / wherever else you get your podcasts.

e n j o y