Greek Lanugage Resources

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  M O V I E S‎ ‎
This website - for movies & series w/ Greek subtitles
Ratatouille - brilliantly dubbed in Greek
Έτερος Εγώ - subtitles
Μικρά Αγγλία - subtitles
Το φιλί της Zωής
Κοινός Παρονομαστής
Το Tανγκό των Χριστουγέννων - subtitles
Family member - the actors speak in a cypriot greek accent, subtitles
Η γεύση της αγάπης - subtitles
Ειμαρμένη - subtitles
Atropos - short film w/ english subtitles

  S E R I E‎ S‎ ‎‎
Η Πέππα το Γουρουνάκι - really helpful for beginners
Μπεν και Χόλι -  if you like Peppa, you will like Ben & Holly!
Μην Αρχίζεις τη Μουρμούρα
Το σόι σου
Είσαι το Ταίρι Μου - 14 episodes subtitled
Οικογενειακές Ιστορίες - slow dialogues
Spongebob Short Clips - because why not‽
Δεληγιάννειο Παρθεναγωγείο - a personal favourite of mine
Το Καφέ της Χαράς
Κωνσταντίνου και Ελένης
Το Κόκκινο Δωμάτιo
Η ζωή της άλλης

‎  V I D E O‎ ‎
Six Thousand Islands - my own channel, with greek subtitles!
Easy Greek - street interviews and other fun videos
Linguatree - lifestyle vlogs, uses of the greek language
Do you speak Greek? - vlogs and lessons in greek
Astronio - science and Astrophysics
Yannis Sarakatsanis - a comedian makes thought-provoking videos!
Πες μου ένα παραμύθι! - Fairytales: listen and read along!
Κλαίρη Δημοπούλου - Κλαίρη eloquently talks about beauty
Carrot Tards - super fun duo talking about all sorts of stuff
Katia’s Stories - famous model w/ a soothing voice
Akis Petretzikis - highly charismatic celebrity chef
This Guy's Vlog - w/ English subtitles
The Petit Prince - read by E. Zouganeli, a famous singer
Ο παππούς Τάσος μαγειρεύει - wholesome cooking channel
Ted Talks with Greek subtitles

‎  A U D I O‎ ‎
Six Thousand Islands - because how could i not?!
Βούδες Ελπίδες - my podcast w/ my best friend, native speech
Language Transfer - an absolute classic
Easy Greek Podcast - Greek culture and life in Greece today
WeeGreek by Alciviades - a podcast about news and short articles
Podcasts by
Podcasts by
Podcasts by - greek radio online
Γνώση σε Αυτόν - comedy & knowledge
Feta Report - three Greeks talk about living abroad
Μαρμελάδα Φράουλα - comedy Podcast
Kids FM - beautifully recorded Stories + Tales
Open Library - free Audiobooks
Learning Greek Podcasts - by the Hellenic American Union

‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎  W O R K B O O K S‎ ‎
Greek: An Essential Grammar by Routledge
Κλικ στα Ελληνικά - levels A1 to C1
Assimil Greek - from French
Eucharistò, Ellada! 1 & 2- from Italian
Ellinika A
BBC's Talk Greek - for absolute beginners
Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά 1 & 2
Modern Greek: Grammar Notes for Absolute Beginners - by Maria Poulopoulou
The books used in greek schools in digital form!
Bibliomagia - Online bookshop based in Germany
The Greek Bookstore - Online bookshop based in the US
Fluent Forever - Efficient ways to learn a language! [+ blog here]

‎ ‎  T E X T‎ ‎
Μικρές Ιστορίες σε απλά Ελληνικά - paid books in various levels
E-books for Greeks - free e-books
Open Library - more free e-books!
Free Ebooks - yup, what the title says
Texts Bank - short texts for all levels - currently only one text available in Greek

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎  N‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎ E W S P A P E R S ‎
Το βήμα

  O T H E R ‎
Clozemaster - gameified language learning, my absolute favourite
Forvo - listen to a word's pronunciation
The Greek Keyboard
Saanaru - turns any scanned document into text
Greek Pangrams - They are fun & you can use them when looking for a greek typeface that works best for you
Youglish for Greek - search for words and see how they're pronounced on youtube videos