the roundabout

the roundabout


I love how straight to the point this sticker is, because it can be fun and useful not only when you're in Greece, but also anywhere in the world.
You've put this on your laptop and you're typing away at a coffee shop in Berlin and suddenly someone approaches you with an ''Α! Τι ωραία, μαθαίνετε ελληνικά!'' and it's either a fellow Greek learner or a native speaker and you start chatting about the language and the country and the fact that you've both been to Crete and you've both visited the Samaria Gorge and you loved it even though you went in the summer and it was too hot.

Available in black and white.



◦ Size: 8x8cm

◦ Material: Matte Vinyl

◦ Waterproof & Weatherproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


◦ Use tape or blutack to enjoy the sticker if you don’t want to commit to sticking it to one place forever. ;)

◦ Please note: the black stickers attract fingerprints, so handle with care.


◦ All orders will be packaged and posted within 2-3 business days.

◦ Email me at sixthousandislands(at)protonmail(dοt)com for any inquiries.